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Ongoing Monthly Subscription. Help us make financially sustainable audio fiction, today. Our Goal is the cost of the content we've currently released after any other crowdfunding.

Sound Escape Productions April 27, 2021 at 12:00 am
Pledged of $15,998 goal
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Financially sustainable audio fiction has been an elusive endeavor for many. Your options are advertising, sponsorships, crowdfunding, or selling your content to someone who has the funding. We don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all solution, but we do believe that solutions begin by defining the problem and creating and testing solutions that target those needs.

Sound Escape Productions is a collective of podcasts under one umbrella that share resources and branding, with a core identity around bringing the audience into an experience through sound. Our mission is to create innovative and sustainable audio productions by working towards paying our people a living wage, and ensuring self-care is not neglected.

By supporting us on a monthly subscription of $2 or more, you’re enabling us to pay our actors, directors, writers, sound designers, and development teams compensation for the work they deliver. Your donation also enables us to pay for web hosting, graphic design, storage space, and email marketing.

Current support for Sound Escape Productions goes towards our anthology show, Someone Dies In This Elevator. In the near future, this support will grow to encompass our eight other shows in development.

By supporting us with a monthly subscription of $7 or more, your pledge will give you access to Ad-free episodes and other digital exclusives for ALL productions in the collective. This tier’s price will adjust depending on the number of shows we have. However, this pricing will legacy and remain at this price as long as you maintain your subscription. It will always be better to pledge to the shows directly during crowdfunding, as that will give you digital access for the entire season of a show.

Thank you for helping us make sustainable audio fiction.

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