How to use Production Funder

Hello, new user! Thanks for your interest in Production Funder and the creators featured on our platform. We aim to make Production Funder simple and easy to use, and in this tutorial will lay out how you can support our creators and access backer goodies.

User Registration

Congrats, you’ve seen a project you want to support! Before you can make a pledge, you’ll need to make an account.

The easiest way to do this is by clicking the Create Account button on the menu bar.

After clicking Create Account, you’ll be taken to the sign up screen. Fill out your information, then click Complete Registration to finish signing up.

You can also create an account by clicking the Helix menu on the left side of the webpage or during the checkout process itself.

Making a Pledge

It’s super easy to make a pledge on Production Funder!

To make a pledge, you can click the Support Now button or click on one of the tiers in the project description.

On the confirmation window, a couple of options are presented.

CONTRIBUTION LEVEL allows you to change your backer tier prior to checkout.

TOTAL allows you to input a custom donation. So for example, if you wanted to donate $30 dollars at the $5 tier, you would change the amount in this blank. This does not work in reverse, and it is not possible to pay less for a given tier’s pricing.

Once you arrive at the checkout form, you’ll need to fill out your information. If you’re pledging for a physical reward, you MUST input your address or you will be unable to receive your items.

Production Funder will not send you any solicitations by mail.

Our complete Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are available tor review prior to checkout. After filling out the checkout form, you must agree to these by clicking the checkbox.

Once you’ve completed the above, click PAY WITH PAYPAL.

Once at PayPal, you’ll be given the option to sign in with a PayPal account or to Pay with Debt or Credit Card as a guest. A PayPal account is not required to use Production Funder.

Getting your Backer Rewards

Once you’ve completed the checkout on PayPal, you’ll be redirected to the Production Funder Dashboard! This is where your backer rewards will live, like episodes, scripts, and more! These items will live on in your Production Funder account, and you can access them anytime by visiting the Dashboard and signing in.

Physical rewards will be shipped out at the conclusion of a campaign and cannot be accessed via the Dashboard. If you made a pledge for a physical reward, our creators will provide updates about these directly to you.

Now that you know how to use Production Funder, go forth and fund! And if you have any questions, you can reach us here.