We started Production Funder with a mission and a dream: to fund creative dreams at an affordable price.

Other crowdfunding platforms take 5% of what their donors give. At Production Funder, we only take 2.5% of a campaign’s profits. That’s a rate that makes us able to support our mission while putting more money in our creators pockets.

Production Funder is currently available by invite only. If you’re interested in funding your dreams on Production Funder, please contact us and we’ll be in touch.

Our Team

Landon Beall

Landon’s the fella that keeps Production Funder running. When he’s not working the day job, he’s also the Editor-in-Chief of WOBAM Entertainment, contributor at Sound Escape Productions, and webmaster for the Audio Verse Awards.

Colin J. Kelly

Colin’s the crazy one who keeps Production Funder filled with new and exciting projects from creators like you. When he’s not living it up in Southern California, he’s busy being the Executive Producer of Sound Escape Productions and chairing the Audio Verse Awards.